Firearm Removal and Disposal Services

Firearms and Ammunition Disposal

Guns and Ammo Disposal service, provides services to the general public and law enforcement including firearm storage, purchase of firearms, and disposal of old or unwanted firearms and ammunition.

Do you want to dispose of a gun or ammo? Do you feel uncomfortable with guns and ammunition in your house? Are you uncertain how to load, unload or even check to see if one is loaded? Are your guns stored in a safe secure manner where minors or worse, criminals could get their hands on them? We provide a guns and ammo disposal service free of charge where we come in and dispose of your guns and ammo. We are safe, discrete and respectful. If you do not feel safe with handling your guns or ammo, leave them where they are. We will remove them in a safe discrete manner.

Law Enforcement Gun Disposal Abandoned, found, or turned-in weapons are a nuisance to police departments. In most cases, they are absolutely worthless, but expensive for your department to dispose of properly. We purchase duty weapons, evidence guns and confiscated guns. We trade new firearms for confiscated and evidence guns and old duty weapons. Nationwide service for law enforcement

Public Gun Disposal Service Do you have unwanted firearms or ammunition.We will come to you, when you want! Rusty firearms and corroded ammunition can still be dangerous, and no one wants to deal with them….but, we will. For more information, or to make a confidential, personal appointment please call today (318) 801-0276.

Guns & Ammo Disposal Service

Guns and Ammo Disposal

We support gun ownership Services provided to the general public include firearm storage, purchase of firearms, and disposal of old or unwanted firearms and ammunition.

Law Enforcement

Gun disposal service law enforcement

Gun Disposal Services Guns and Ammo Disposal Services will dispose of department-owned firearms and ammunition that are no longer useful or serviceable, as well as items that have been turned in to your department by the public. This saves your department the time and expense of dealing with these potentially hazardous items.

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Safer for the Enviroment

Green Ammunition Disposal

Improper disposal of ammunition has potential environmental, health and safety risks The proper disposal of old or unwanted ammunition can save lives by preventing it from getting into the hands of young children, and can also help protect the environment by keeping lead and other contaminants from seeping into the groundwater.

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Inherited Guns or Unwanted Guns

Gun disposal service

Many people find themselves "inheriting" firearms

Elderly Women are particularly vulnerable to finding themselves in possession of a gun collection due to the death of a gun-owning spouse, as are the unlicensed surviving children of gun-owners.

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Legal Implications of Unwanted Guns

Gun disposal service

Are you prepared to be a legal and responsible gun owner

You are responsible if guns under your supervision fall into the wrong hands and an accident occurs, or if they are stolen from your home and used in a crime. Improperly securing firearms may be a crime in your state.

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Do you take all firearms?

Gun disposal service

We do not accept any Class III firearms

No we do not. We do not accept any Class III firearms, such as, fully automatic, short barrel or sawed off shotguns, etc. Also, we do not handle any firearms or parts that are illegal to own by an individual in most states.

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Law Enforcement Gun Disposal Service

Gun disposal service

Why tie up a police officer for a day disposing of unwanted "junk"

Guns and Ammo Disposal Services will remove and dispose of old firearms and ammunition that are difficult for you to get rid of. In some cases, we will even give you trade-in credit for items that still have value in their parts.

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Is This Considered a Gun Buy Back Program

Gun Disposal Service

Guns and Ammo Disposal Service fully supports the right of individual citizens who comply with local laws to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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What Areas Do We Cover

Gun disposal service coverage area

All of Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana and East Texas. We can cover all 50 states if you are willing to ship guns in a postage paid carton that we will send to you. If this is not an option you would feel comfortable with, you can contact us and we will assist you with many other options.

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